CT-332M Wind & Rain Function Tester

CT-332M Testing Products

Wind & Rain Tester CT-332M is produced by clients’ requirement and designed to perform wind & rain test for aluminum doors, windows; besides, any material of doors, windows, curtain walls could be tested in the scope of tolerance.


CT-332M Standard and Size 

Applying national industrial standards as ASTM、CNS、GB、ISO、JIS or many other similar tests.

Min. Specimen Length

W1000㎜ × H1000㎜

Max. Specimen Length

W3200㎜ × H3200㎜

Test Chamber Capacity

40㎜ ~ 200㎜

Test Chamber Dimension

≒W3610㎜× H3760㎜× D1000㎜


≒W6600㎜× H6263㎜× D2830㎜


The utility of CT-332M Wind&Rain Function Tester 

1、Wind Resistance test

•Air Pressure can reach±9000Pa
•Air Blowing up to:24M3/min
•Quick measuring set up advice, and easily reset to zero
•Bend Test by stage pressure application can be easy adjusted by electric switch
•Wind pressure digital display to operate positive or negative pressure
•Repetitive Test by pulse controller

2、CT-332M Air Infiltration test

• Air Pressure can reach±1000Pa
•Maximum Measurement:277m3/hr
•Measure minimum pressure and discharge steadily.
•Pressure difference and air infiltration can read by digital display
•Air leakage measuring can apply by stages or steady pressures

3、CT-332M Water Penetration test

•Steady or pulse pressure selection
•Steady pressure can reach:±9000Pa,Pulse pressure can reach±2500Pa
•Spray water to specimen surface evenly
•Water spray can be set: 20 ~ 50L/min