CT-530MTT Unexposed Surfaces Therrmocouples Calibrator


1      Application:

 Flat temperature test pieces apply to the capacity within 4 mm2

2     Specification:

2-1      Model:CT-530MTT

2-2      Size:Furnace body-W500mm×H450mm×D540mm. Control box- W380mm×H326mm×D180mm.

2-3      Weight:Furnace-64Kg,Control box-10Kg.

2-4      Power:220V,60HZ,1∮,10A。

2-5      Measuring Span:normal temperature~400℃. Reading 1℃, alignability 2℃.

2-6      Heating furnace with electroheat ∮1.0mm×2Kw bare wire and adapt adiabat ceramic fiber plate.

2-7      Aluminium testing panel, T33mm×W300mm×D300mm.

2-8      Cladding test piece gripper pedestal ∮30, cladding ∮50 total 16 sets

2-9      Standard test piece(with display  sets)TC-700+, Reading record 0.1℃. Accurancy2℃. Attached TAF Cailbratied report  with accreditied mark

2-10  Automatic programmed temperature  apparatus, ZC-4900 posssess1 group0~5V,temperature signal output. Temperature controllable program divided into 8 groups total 16 segments. Temperature rise and constant temperature time limit can be set up. The rate of Temperature rise is about 10℃/min. PID signal control,  temperature rise by SCR.

2-11  Based on glass size,6t×416×386,6t×416×138 Temper