CT-324M Wind & Rain Function Tester

CT-324M Testing Products

Wind & Rain Tester CT-324 is produced by clients’ requirement and designed to perform wind & rain test for aluminum doors, windows; besides, any material of doors, windows, curtain walls could be tested in the scope of tolerance.


CT-324M Standard and Size 

Applying national industrial standards as ASTM、CNS、GB、ISO、JIS or many other similar tests.

Max. Specimen Length W2400㎜ × H2400㎜
Min. Specimen Length W900㎜ × H1000㎜。
Test Chamber Capacity 40㎜ ~ 200㎜
Test Chamber Dimension ≒W2630㎜× H2720㎜× D1000㎜
Specimen Holding Frame ≒W3850㎜× H3300㎜× D250㎜


The utility of CT-324M Wind&Rain Function Tester 

一、Wind Resistance test

  • Air Pressure can reach±7000Pa
  • Air Blowing up to:23M3/min
  • Quick measuring set up advice, and easily reset to zero
  •  Bend Test by stage pressure application can be easy adjusted by electric switch
  • Wind pressure digital display to operate positive or negative pressure
  • Repetitive Test by pulse controller

二、CT-324M Air Infiltration test

  •  Air Pressure can reach±1000Pa
  • Maximum Measurement:277m3/hr
  • Measure minimum pressure and discharge steadily.
  • Pressure difference and air infiltration can read by digital display
  • Air leakage measuring can apply by stages or steady pressures

三、CT-324M Water Penetration test

  • Steady or pulse pressure selection
  • Steady pressure can reach:±7000Pa,Pulse pressure can reach±2500Pa
  • Spray water to specimen surface evenly
  • Water spray can be set: 15 ~ 30L/min