CHAOLI TECHNOLOGY CORP. was established in 1985 as R&D and manufacture of wide range QC testing equipment for building materials ( such as fire prevention, quakeproof…). Knowing that solutions for disaster prevention could be obtained via continually quality testing , we have already participated in CNLA’s laboratory certify program from 1990. Years of testing experience plus equipment modified and updated , CHAOLI gained certification in 2003 ( CNLA-0824 Testing Laboratory ) and dedicate to building materials fire retardant tests.


CHAOLI TECHNOLOGY CORP. is not only a national certified testing laboratory, but also a professional testing equipments manufacture for building materials ( door / windows / curtain wall ).


CHAOLI TESTING LABORATORY conducts building materials safety tests as fire retardant test, water penetration test, wind resistance, air infiltration test for doors, windows, curtain wall and other materials, we can also conduct performance test as requested.


CHAOLI TECHNOLOGY CORP. is the only professional equipments manufacture for building materials here in Taiwan, over 20 years of experience for equipment modification and upgrade guarantee our clients’ perfect satisfaction.



AUG 1985 Established in Xin-Zhuang, Taipei. Research and manufacture for QC testing instrument
OCT 1985 Produced a series of ceramics class testing instruments as Bend Resistance Tester, Glaze Crack Tester, Deep Abrasion Tester, Distortion Tester and so on…
JAN 1987 Produced aluminum Wind &Rain function tester.
MAY 1990 Produced hydraulic testers; specifications 3”to 12.
DEC 1994 Produced fire resistant doors tester.
JAN 1997 Arranged Chaoli Heat Resistance Testing Laboratory.
NOV 2001 Accredited from CNLA (former TAF) Heat Resistance Testing Laboratory NO.0824 (TAF).
FEB 2003 Accredited from CNLA (former TAF) accredited Wind and Rain testing laboratory NO.1011 took the lead in Taiwan. (The only domestic Accredited Laboratory)
FEB 2006 TAF 1011 Wind& Rain testing laboratory additionally passed: opening& closure test, welting intensity test, sheave slipping test, impact test, hinge reciprocating test. 

FEB 2011

 TAF 1011 wind&rain test passed new accredition: 

Door and windows size

Determination of film thickness

ASTM Method of test for air permeability performance, water penetration performance, deformation under wind pressure, door roller durability.                                       



 TAF 1011 wind&rain test passed new accredition:          

Methods of Performance Test of Panels for Building Construction CNS 8081 chapter 6.4, chapter 6.15

Method of Test for Building Components(Steel Panel for Roof)CNS 8183  chapter 3.3

Method of Test for Building Components (Steel Panel for Wall)CNS 8185  chapter 3.5

Method of Test for Building Components (Concretes Panels for Roof)CNS 8077  chapter 3.3

Method of Test for Building Components(Concrete Panels for Wall) CNS 8079 chapter3.3

 FEB   2015

TAF 1011 wind&rain test passed new accredition:          :  

Method of test for water penetration performance of building curtain walls and skylights- by dynamic  pressure CNS 13973   AAMA501.1                                                                         

Method of test for evaluating performance of curtain wallls and skylights due to static displacements  associated     with seismic movements and building sway  CNS14281   AAMA501.4